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Welcome to Snapshots of Mumbai

Snapshots of Mumbai is an exploration of the city, combining the photography of Paul Ward and the words of Ed King.

Snapshots of Mumbai presents itself through a book, documentary film and supporting exhibition.

Using a personal narrative, Snapshots of Mumbai introduces parts of the wider city; areas that remained unnoticed during the global attention it received in 2008/9. It is also a modern reminder of the historical relationship between India and the UK.

“It started out as a feature,” says Ed King, “but soon evolved into a much broader project. I wanted to show more of Mumbai than what was reported in Nov 2008 and purported in Slumdog Millionaire. 

For nearly a year newsrooms across the globe focused on Mumbai, and whilst I can’t capture the whole city, or give the ‘real’ definition of what Mumbai is – I don’t think anyone can, I wanted to offer something more than just tenements on waste ground or gunfire in rich hotels. 

Mumbai is an amazing city, with strong historical links to the UK – ones that are often untaught in Britain, and despite the overwhelming attention it received in 2008/9 I felt too much was being missed.”

Starting in the ‘South City’, looking at landmarks such as The Gateway to India and Malabar Hill, Snapshots of Mumbai explores the city’s historical building blocks. Further time was then taken at specific locations, trying to illuminate the ‘Places Behind’ well known landmarks or locales, before exploring three common threads, or ‘Modern Gods’, that bind Mumbai together; Entertainment, Religion & Money.

There is an interviews section and also a ‘Gallery’ section, where single still images are supported by text.

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